Lai Chau Department of Justice with movement to building new rural areas

In order to join forces with all levels and sectors of the province to perform movement new rural construction, the Justice Department of Lai Chau issued Plan No. 295/KH-STP dated July 16, 2013 on supporting Ta Leng , Na Tam under Tam Duong district's dissemination on legal education, legal aid, civil status to building new rural areas.

Accordingly, the content of the plan is legal aid organizations; popular, legal education, counseling, providing legal information; guide answers to legal questions, handing out flyers to people living on the local about the fields of law: land, criminal, criminal procedure, criminal enforcement and the people; Marriage and Family, civil status and combat domestic violence and combat drugs ... professional guidance to judicial officials in field of civil status about legal education & dissemination, legal aid, civil status and other judicial work.