Tuyen Quang Justice Department hosted a preliminary conference of judicial work

On July 11, the Department of Justice has held Preliminary Conference of Justice work in Tuyen Quang province. The conference was chaired by Nguyen Thi Thuoc- Deputy Director of the Department.
Attending at the meeting were leaders of departments, heads and deputy heads, professional offices and units of the Department, heads of business units under the Department, the Chief Justice in districts level; Central leaders provincial Forensic center, Technical Department criminal - provincial Police, Bar Association.

Despite achieving results, but the participants also pointed out some candid exist, limitations, such as: The implementation of the program, the judicial work plan first 6 months of 2013 still runs slow, the application of law in the bilingual text authentication in the district and commune in confusion, the authentication, the civil society level there are still many errors.... Cause exists mainly due to workload much less payroll, a new task is assigned to the Judiciary and the new tasks arising out of the program, plan, arrangement, assign tasks to Justice officials - civil status of a number of regulations commune.

Conclusion Addressing the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Thi Thuoc recognized and appreciated the effort of the officers and employees of the Judiciary 6 months of 2013 and highlighted the comrades in the last 6 months in 2013, along with overcoming the limitations and shortcomings, the industry should focus on completing tasks in the program, the plan were proposed.